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In our offer - rich choice of various bog oak products:


Bog oak veneer Bog oak lemella Bog oak panels Bog oak engineered flooring


GRIGO Bog Oak is being produced from fresh cut oak under a patent pending, unique, environmentally friendly technology - replicating the same natural process - conditionally in short time (1-6 months, depends on thickness) converting fresh oak wood to bog oak.

No amonia treatment, not smoked, no paint used - 100% natural and environmentally friendly bog oak veneer, lamella, planks and boards - made in EU.

GRIGO bog oak colors correspond to the relative fossil bog oak age:

2000-400 years
4000-6000 years
>6000  years

 As an option we offer manufacturing GRIGO Bog Oak wooden material from client supplied oak veneer, lamella, planks or unedged boards.

Please contact us to get more information on prices and manufacturing terms.