GRIGO Bog Oak patented technology is based on the natural processes. Natural bog oak is an oak wood that has been laying in wetlands, submerged under water and peat for several thousands years. Anaerobic environment protects oak wood from decay, while metal oxide salts dissolved in water react with tannins contained only in oak, changing the coloring of the wood.

GRIGO Bog Oak has the black* coloring not only on the surface, but also throughout all the volume of the wood. The patented technology also grants GRIGO Bog Oak such properties as heightened density, better durability, and exclusive texture. Overall, our exquisite material is of even better quality as a very rare and highly expensive bog oak timber, which is found in nature in very limited quantities.

*Manufacturing process let's us to control the achieved colors palette of the wood. All of the shades correspond the coloring of the naturally found bog oak: inky black, black, ashy gray, straw brown, to name a few.

GRIGO Bog Oak should not be confused with heat treated oak, steamed or fumed oak, which gets its dark coloring artificially by the use of slightly toxic ammonia. Furthermore, such wood has much less density and hardness and the color palette is limited to just different shades of brown.

GRIGO Bog Oak wood production process is periodically analyzed and modified if need be. Treated wood is quality checked when taken out from the processing unit, also when the drying process has been finished and once again at the time of packing. Material with cracks, slits, rot, discoloration, or other defects is discarded to bring our clients only product of the premium quality.

100% natural and eco friendly material, manufactured without using any paints or ammonia. Only natural technological ingredients.